Another revolution in blockchain STO(Security Token Offering)

RWA (Real World Asset) refers to the tokenization of all physical assets in the real world, such as government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks, and real estate, using blockchain technology. This includes not only traditional assets that have been traded in the past but also tokenization of artworks. Among these, STO (Security Token Offering) represents tokenization within the traditional financial system, and STOs primarily operate on private blockchain bases. This is backed by institutionalized financial infrastructure and is characterized by its further institutionalization and the ability to receive dividends. A security token is a "security." Security tokens signify legal ownership over a network, not just the right to use the services provided, and can include the right to claim profits and make decisions.

Introduction to Anemoi

Anemoi was born with the goal of becoming a leading company in the STO (Security Token Offering) market. Anemoi will aid the growth of businesses and investors by acting as a bridge that connects the excellent technologies of startup companies with investors. Furthermore, by taking the lead in innovative investment models, global environmental protection, and energy savings, it will grow into a pioneering company that contributes to humanity.