The most distinctive feature of SmartTechOn Co., Ltd.'s PCM thermal storage air conditioner is its revolutionary design that eliminates the need for an outdoor unit, thereby also removing the need for installation. Additionally, by eliminating the use of Freon gas and significantly reducing electricity consumption, it offers economic benefits while contributing to environmental protection. This innovative approach transcends the limitations of traditional cooling systems, maximizing energy efficiency and presenting a tangible solution for a sustainable future.

✔️Features of PCM Thermal Storage Air Conditioners

CharacteristicsDetailed Information

No Outdoor Unit Required

No Freon Gas Emission

Electricity Cost Savings

70~80% Reduction in Electricity Costs Compared to Conventional Air Conditioners

Economic Efficiency

60~70% Reduction in Product Price Compared to Conventional Air Conditioners

Achievement of Sub-Zero Temperatures

Achievement of -30 to -40 Degrees Celsius within 1 Minute

Production of Various Designs

Optimized Design Tailored to Preferences and Space

Eco-Friendly Product

Reduction in Carbon Emissions and Energy Saving

Elimination of Bacteria in the Air

Air Purification through Circulation and Filter Use