This method involves locking tokens for a set period before distributing them gradually, aiming to prevent market flooding and encourage long-term project support.

Token Distribution Method

Locked tokens cannot be circulated or used in the market in any form. During the lock-up period, tokens are completely locked, and the initial ICO volume contributes to protecting the value of the token and maintaining market stability. ICO volume, foundation volume, and initial contributor volume are all set with a lock-up for a specific period, ensuring they do not impact the ecosystem.

Expected Effects

  • Maintaining Market Stability: Prevents sudden large-scale distribution of tokens, suppressing abrupt volatility in token value within the market.

  • Encouraging Long-Term Investment: Motivates investors to engage with the project from a long-term perspective, focusing more on the project's successful development than on realizing short-term gains.

  • Building Trust: Establishes trust with investors and credibility for the project, sharing a long-term vision.